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Family Law


Get experienced legal care on all aspects of family law, from divorce to adoptions.  John Russo will guide you through the courts with the sensitivity and understanding you expect and deserve!  John Russo's years of experience within the Family Courts have given him a unique sensitivity to the diverse needs of each and every individual.  He understands the issues surrounding domestic abuse, restraining orders, paternity and post-divorce issues.

As we are all too sadly aware, Domestic Violence is problematic within our society, and many of the victims of this cowardly act for any number of reasons are afraid to come forward and to seek protection. John understands these fears and will guide you through system and fight to make sure that you receive all the protections that you, or that you and your children are entitled too.  


John has spent his entire legal career practicing in the Family Court and is well regarded and respected by his peers. He firmly believes that his accounting and tax background give him a unique prospective and understanding.

And when it comes to the issue of children, he has said time and time again that every decision, no matter how minor, MUST be made with the full understanding of how it will affect each child’s future. He will not compromise his standard. He, himself, was the product of a broken home; so, when he said he understands what the children are experiencing, he MEANS IT.

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