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Probate/Estate Administration

Probate is the procedure by which a will is proved to be valid or invalid; and the legal process used to distribute a person’s property after his/her death to the named heirs. When a person passes intestate, (without a will) Rhode State Law prescribes who shall receive the descendant’s property through probate. A valid will document usually names an Executor to be in charge of managing the estates assets. If the deceased passed without a will, then the Probate Court will appoint an, Administrator as the personal representative to mange the estate assets.

Once the court appoints a personal representative it will then send out certified a certificate of appointment to that individual and the estates attorney, usually within a week or two of the appointment. Once the certificate is received the representative can then begin the Estate Administration process; which includes collecting and managing the estate’s assets, paying all the estate’s debts, follow all orders of the probate court, etc. Handling all of the potential issues involved in a probate matter can be overwhelming at times, and you should always consult an attorney before beginning the process.

If you have been appointed the Executor or Administrator of an estate, then contact the Law Offices of John A. Russo we can help you with the proper handling of all the related estate issues.


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