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Deciding to separate or divorce is never an easy decision.  Anxieties and concerns regarding how a divorce could affect your financial future or your property rights can in many cases lead to increased emotional stress levels.  Add children to the equation and the stress levels of deciding whether to divorce or separate now become even more magnified.  John can help you navigate through this legal maze, he will work endlessly to alleviate your concerns by helping you to grasp a basic understanding of what lies ahead once you have begun the divorce or legal separation process.  Hopefully, the content and information provided here will be helpful to you in identifying some of the potential issues that may be important in your domestic matter.  

As stated above, when children become part of the equation in the divorce or separation process, then all the issues now confronted will become even more magnified. Every decision -- no matter how minor -- MUST be made with the full understanding of how it will affect each child’s future. John will not compromise this standard for a perceived benefit to a single individual. Your children’s well-being will always come first with John Russo!

Whether you are beginning the divorce process or seeking legal separation, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side to protect all of your interests during this turbulent time.  John Russo will be 110% committed to helping you through this legal process in the most thoughtful and understanding manner.  



If you have decided to move forward with the divorce process, you may honestly feel that you should be able to handle all of the issues relating to your own divorce matter.  But you should proceed with caution before you decide to move down that slippery slope, and consider all of the potential pitfalls associated with moving ahead on your own.  There are potentially many complex issues surrounding divorce matters, asset division, support issues and custody issues, as well as the complexities of drafting agreements, (Contracts) as well as a number of other necessary documents.  Overlooking important legal details now will undoubtedly lead to future problems, which will require lengthy as well as costly future legal services to correct.  John can help you safeguard against any future problems with ihis extensive legal knowledge in the areas of divorce and family law matters. 


In Rhode Island, if you are contemplating divorce and you and your spouse are on good terms, then you have the option of seeking an uncontested divorce.  This can be the least stressful and cost-effective way to resolve all of the issues regarding the dissolution of your marriage, such as: 

  • Asset Division
  • Marital Debts 
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support
  • Alimony
  • Property | Marital Settlement Agreements


If you as well as your spouse cannot exist outside the state of animosity towards each other, then a contested divorce may be how you decide to end your relationship.  Either party can commence a contested matter by filing a Complaint with the Rhode Island Family Court.  

But even with a contested divorce, there are a number of alternative options open to you both to reach a civil and amicable agreement.  Not always being on the same page does not mean that you cannot reach practical solutions on a number of issues, such as, division of marital assets, and debts, support payments, child custody arrangements, etc.

John's experience and assistance with these issues can help you through this difficult process, in either contested or uncontested matters. 

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